Customize PlasmaCap EBA for your process

The market for plasma proteins continues to expand due to a growing patient base for current products and novel plasma protein products. There is increasing opportunity to capture more value out of each unit of plasma or fractionated plasma material. Whether you are a plasma protein manufacturer or a biomanufacturing organization, the PlasmaCap EBATM technology can be customized to capture a wide range of plasma proteins.

Our development team can work with you to develop a custom process using the PlasmaCap EBA technology and:

  • Manufacture customized high density adsorbents
  • Optimize adsorbents to maximize plasma protein capture
  • Perform pilot runs to validate a custom process
  • Optimize EBA parameters for efficient plasma protein capture

The PlasmaCap EBA technology was designed to facilitate drug product regulatory approval:

  • Technology was designed to comply with GMP
  • Adsorbent materials are generally regarded as safe for biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Adsorbents have been documented to have no leachables or extractables

To learn more about how plasma protein manufacturers and other biomanufacturing organizations can take advantage of PlasmaCap EBA, please contact us.

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