Expanded bed adsorption in the purification of biomolecules

Lihme, A., Hansen M., Olander M., Zafirakos E. Downstream Processing of Proteins, Methods in Biotechnology Volume 9, 2000; Chapter 10:121-139.

Stabilized fluid bed adsorption also phrased, expanded bed adsorption (EBA), is a recently introduced “whole broth processing” technique that enables the isolation of biomolecules (e.g., proteins and plasmids) directly from crude raw materials such as fermentation broth or extracts from natural sources. The use of EBA, as an alternative to the traditional methods, may in many instances combine the effects of centrifugation, filtration, concentration and purification into one step and hereby save time, increase yields, and cut down processing costs. EBA is a new technology that - given room for proper adaptations - may be successfully applied within a number of different industries ranging from the highly sophisticated and highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, through the production of industrial specialty enzymes, to the low-cost high-volume applications characteristic for the food industry. Even certain applications within the field of waste water treatment and valorization of waste materials may be envisioned.

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