Simplified and more robust EBA processes by elution in expanded bed mode

Lihme A., Zafirakos E., Hansen M., Olander M. Bioseperation. 1999; 8(1-5):93-7.

This paper illustrates the feasibility of eluting EBA columns in the expanded bed mode as an alternative to the generally used method of packed bed elution. It is shown that at linear flow rates of 1-3 cm/min the difference in total elution volume between expanded bed elution and packed bed elution is less than 20%. It is suggested that expanded bed elution offers a range of significant advantages, while the drawbacks will be insignificant in most applications. The key to the success of this method seems to be the use of EBA matrices with a relatively low degree of expansion (i.e. a high density) at the linear flow rates employed for elution of bound product.

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