Capture of human Fab fragments by expanded bed adsorption with a mixed mode adsorbent.

Hansen MB., Lihme A., Spitali M., King D. Bioseperation. 1991; 192(1):64-9.

A novel group of mixed mode adsorbents has been developed for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from a broad range of raw materials such as hybridoma cell culture, ascites fluid, animal sera, milk, whey and egg yolk. The aim of this study was to determine whether such mixed mode adsorbents were also useful for the recovery of recombinant proteins from microbial feedstocks. This paper describes the performance of one of these adsorbents for expanded bed capture of a human Fab fragment from recombinant E. Coli cell extracts.

It is concluded that the mixed mode adsorbent binds the Fab fragment efficiently from crude extracts without any requirement for preconditioning the extract by for example de-salting or dilution. The capacity of the mixed mode adsorbent is approx. 12 mg Fab/ml matrix.

The novel mixed mode adsorbent can be useful during production of highly purified Fab fragments as the first step in a purification scheme. In this respect the mixed mode adsorbent is advantageous over alternative commercially available ion-exchange materials which require pre-conditioning of cell extract for Fab' capture. Together with the concentration and clarification effect a significant enrichment of the Fab fragment is obtained in one single high yield operation.

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