Plasma Proteins Capture

Efficiently capture the major plasma proteins

Plasma fractionators must extract two to four of the most valuable plasma proteins from plasma to be profitable. Therapure has optimized the PlasmaCap EBATM technology to capture the major plasma proteins from plasma or fractionated plasma materials including immunoglobulins and albumin

Capture scarce plasma proteins

Many additional plasma proteins of value are still present in current unused manufacturing streams. Capture of these proteins using conventional technology is burdened by high capital and operating costs as well as practical issues such as requirement of large buffer volumes to resuspend fractionated plasma materials.

Whether you are a plasma protein manufacturer or a biomanufacturing organization, PlasmaCap EBA can capture these additional plasma proteins efficiently as the technology can be viable at smaller scales, lowering capital costs and process high viscosity material, lowering buffer requirements and operating costs.

Find out what plasma proteins we have developed capture capabilities for.

Take advantage of the PlasmaCap EBA technology

We are developing this technology to provide the industry with an efficient means of manufacturing plasma proteins at high yields and purities.

Take advantage of the PlasmaCap EBA technology by leveraging our expertise and knowledge through licensing and partnering opportunities to manufacture plasma proteins as well as contract manufacturing and process development services that we thrive on.

To learn more about how plasma protein manufacturers and other biomanufacturing organizations can take advantage of PlasmaCap EBA, please contact us.

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