Upstream Processing Development

Passion for your process, product and patients

Effectively scaling up your upstream manufacturing process takes more than just a larger vessel. Whether you’re using a mammalian or microbial experssion system, our experienced team understands the requirements for a robust and predictable process that supports scale-up, cGMP manufacturing and regulatory requirements. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible client experience and the most efficient path to commercialization, which includes a scalable upstream process.

Our upstream process development team understands the complexity of cell growth conditions and can optimize them to maximize the productivity/titer of your cell lines. We offer clients the following upstream process development services:

  • Process development from 1-50 L (with scale-up to 1,000 L)
  • Media selection, screening, optimization and preparation
  • Expertise in single-use bioprocess techniques
  • Automated on-line analysis of 16 key metabolites
  • Automated on-line analysis of IgG for optimization of cell growth conditions for your antibody-producing cell lines

We also appreciate that harvesting your monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins is a critical part of biologics manufacturing, and we can develop midstream processes (centrifugation, homogenization and filtration) to maximize recovery of your protein.