Advancing Treatment of Disease with Innovative protein therapeutics and Technologies

Built on a foundation of innovative protein biopharmaceuticals

Therapure Innovations (a division of Therapure Biopharma Inc.) is devoted to drug discovery, research and development. Our scientists are currently developing innovative protein therapeutics in liver cancer, anemia and hepatitis C by leveraging our proprietary platform technologies. In addition, our platform technologies have the potential to enhance the pharmacology of existing drugs and therapeutics in other clinical areas.

Located in Mississauga, Canada, our team of expert scientists
can provide you with additional information on our
drug pipeline and/or help you find solutions through our platform technologies to:

Dr. David Bell, Vice President of Drug Development and Chief Scientific Officer, leads our drug development team, bringing together scientists from a diverse background including protein biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, proteomics, pharmacology and more.

Our team is guided by valuable advice from an international scientific advisory board consisting of expert physicians, clinicians and investigators from a wide range of specialities.

To learn more about our areas of research, platform technologies and pipeline products, or to explore opportunities to partner and/or collaborate
with us to improve existing therapeutics, please contact us at

To view mechanism of action for TBI 302 and TBI 304H

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