Advancing Treatment of Disease with Innovative protein therapeutics and Technologies

Making drugs work better through protein conjugation

Our protein drug conjugation platform technology takes advantage of hemoglobin, a natural protein the body uses to transport oxygen to tissues. Linking drugs to hemoglobin may provide two distinct advantages:

  • Improved delivery and transport of drugs to specific sites of action
  • Minimize exposure to non-target tissues

Together these features may allow for increased levels of potent drugs to be delivered directly to target tissues, thereby limiting the potential for unwanted side effects through drug contact with non-target tissue.

Our leading protein drug conjugation technology, which is similar to antibody drug conjugation (ADC), covalently links drugs to hemoglobin (Hb). This technology takes advantage of the liver’s high-capacity recycling and replenishment system for Hb. The liver processes up to 6 grams of Hb daily, making Hb-conjugated drugs ideal for targeted delivery of drugs to the liver.

We use our hemoglobin conjugation technology in two of our pipeline products:

  • TBI 302 is a conjugate of Hb and floxuridine, which is a potent chemotherapy drug used for the treatment of liver tumours
  • TBI 301 is an Hb-conjugate of ribavirin (RBV), one of the standard drugs for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection

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