Advancing Treatment of Disease with Innovative protein therapeutics and Technologies

Making proteins work better by extending their half-life

Our half-life extension platform technology uses oxidized HES (hydroxyethyl starch) to improve physical and pharmacological characteristics of protein drugs. Our novel conjugation approach links a protein drug to HES thereby extending the drug’s half-life, increasing its bioactivity, and allowing for the slow release of drug in the circulation.

Other benefits of HES conjugation include its potential to mask antigenic sites on proteins, which may reduce the risk of immunogenicity and may allow for increased patient safety.

Our half-life extension platform technology is one that offers the benefits of two formulation strategies:

  • Polymer conjugation: Linking drugs to HES can increase the drug’s half-life and solubility
  • Polymer formulation: The drug is embedded in the polymer and is slowly released or degraded over time, with no linker remaining

Like PEGylation technology, HES conjugation is a versatile platform technology that could potentially be applied to any protein. It has been demonstrated to be applicable to enzymes, cytokines, antibodies, antibody fragments and blood proteins including clotting factors, hemoglobin and albumin.

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