Advancing Treatment of Disease with Innovative protein therapeutics and Technologies

Platform technologies that enhance therapeutics

In this age of molecular medicine, to be considered truly innovative drugs must be targeted to act specifically
at the organ, tissue, cellular or molecular level where disease processes are at play. Yet most drugs today are given systemically in a non-targeted approach. Another issue with molecular medicine is the challenge of a short drug half-life.

Imagine the potential benefits of delivering drugs directly to their intended site of action, bypassing areas
of the body where they are not needed and that can potentially result in unwanted side effects. Or imagine the potential of enhancing a drug’s clinical utility by extending its duration of action or providing sustained release
where it is most needed.

Innovative platform technologies such as these can be used to optimize a drug’s ultimate potential for
providing efficacy and safety to patients and offer opportunities to harness the power of therapeutics in the fight against disease.

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