Therapure Biopharma Inc. is Open For Business

Therapure Biopharma is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company committed to the development, manufacture, purification, and packaging of high-quality biological therapeutics. 

We provide our clients and partners with customized solutions for the development and manufacture of complex biological products, leveraging our flexible, modern cGMP manufacturing facility, our extensive quality systems and the dedication of our highly experienced staff.  

Our scientific, manufacturing, and downstream purification expertise, along with our intimate understanding of advanced biology, complex proteins, and regulatory processes, allow us to develop effective and innovative solutions to advance our client’s products from the lab to the market.

Are you faced with a protein manufacturing or downstream processing challenge that cannot be met by your existing infrastructure?  

Therapure Biopharma can help you address your challenges. 

Don’t let the scale-up to commercial manufacture be the barrier to your success. At Therapure Biopharma, we offer a wide range of flexible value-added services focused on all aspects of protein production. We are experts at protein manufacturing and purification, and we understand the complex regulatory requirements for biological drugs. We have faced and solved many of the manufacturing challenges you are facing. As your partner, we can help to solve your challenges.  


Are you seeking a dedicated partner to help commercialize your protein-based therapeutic? 

Therapure Biopharma wants to be your trusted partner. 

You run a dynamic company that has access to novel, high-value protein-based technologies or products. Now you’re ready for commercialization but you don’t have the capabilities to move ahead alone. We have a deep understanding of the market and the business opportunities for protein based therapeutics. We understand the complex regulatory processes for the registration of biological products and have established quality-based cGMP compliant manufacturing processes. We also understand and appreciate the confidential nature of your business and desire a long-term relationship with you. 


Are you looking to advance your product development? 

Therapure Biopharma can help you to achieve your goals. 

Therapure Biopharma is your one-stop shop for pilot and commercial scale protein/API production, processing, filling, and finishing. We can address your scale-up challenges from bench to commercial scale. Partner with us and we will apply our expertise and proprietary technology to advance your products effectively.  


Let Therapure Biopharma help you bring your protein to the world market place.  

Rely on the experience and expertise of our people, our modern and flexible facility, our research excellence, and our passion for quality to advance your product from the development stage to the market. Contact Thomas Wellner, President and CEO today,


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