Therapure is now a part of Resilience!

Therapure Biopharma Inc. has been acquired by Resilience Biotechnologies, Inc., a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of National Resilience, Inc. (Resilience), a U.S. based biopharmaceutical manufacturing and technology company.

We remain committed to supporting you as Resilience Biotechnologies Inc.

Making the future of medicine possible

Resilience is changing the way medicine is made – leveraging innovation to better serve scientific discovery, withstand disruptive events, and reach those in need.

We’re bringing together brilliant minds in science and engineering with the most advanced technologies to build a resilient tomorrow, today.

Our Services


We have more than a decade of experience in developing unique and platform processes. We work with our clients to establish robust processes that are scalable, cost-effective, and comply with quality standards.

Resilience offers the following development services:


Resilience offers customized manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of our clients at all stages – from providing preclinical and clinical material to commercial supply. Resilience offers the following manufacturing services to support protein therapeutics, vaccines, and mRNA products.

Aseptic Fill Finish

Resilience provides aseptic fill finish services to meet your drug product needs for clinical trial material and commercial supply. Resilience has multiple fillers and offers a range of vial filling options.